Sue HAnna - Founder

What makes my day is one person becoming more than they thought they could be

Sue’s passion has always been to come alongside the poor and disadvantaged, who have been written off by their own communities. The commitment and ability she shows, bringing a message that inspires and calls people to action is formidable. Sue is a down-to-earth, gutsy woman who has done the hard yards with various organisations for over 25 years in leadership and ministry roles. In 2015 she founded Flame Ministries to help young adults transition from high school into tertiary study then in work. These transition times are where a lot of young people fall through the cracks, so Sue started the Leadership Academy Homes to give them the tool they needed to thrive. Flame Ministries then merged with Bong Paoun to become Flame Cambodia.

Currently Sue is leading Flame as the Executive Founder and is mentoring a number of local leaders. By providing oversight and insight, Sue coaches, inspires and motivates the team at Flame to lead well and fulfill what God has called them to do. Each individual is strongly encouraged to grow in their faith and serve, discovering and fanning into flame the gift God has placed within them. New Zealand will always be her home base, but Cambodia is where her heart is. Sue’s determination is clear. She walks the talk.