Rebecca Stocker - New Zealand Sales Representative

I believe that every child in the slums of Cambodia deserves a bright future, I want them to know that I believe in them

At the age of 5 it was obvious that I had a learning disorder. Dyslexia it is called today but in the early 70’s it had no name. I grew up through my early school years struggling to learn. But I had supportive parents who believed in me. They taught me to be resilient, hardworking and resourceful.

As a family we fundraised for many different causes. I got a job in retail and excelled at it finding a love for people and selling things. I married and had 5 children of my own, realising my love for children.

A job opportunity opened up for my husband in the Waikato and we moved here in 2011. Here I met Sue Hanna. Her words that stuck with me that day were , “ Someone said to me I couldn’t do what you do and my reply well I couldn’t do what you do.” Six months later I saw craft made by children in Cambodia and I knew I could sell it. I can do something Sue can’t do living in Cambodia I can sell the children’s craft for them here in New Zealand. And so I now go to two local markets each week selling craft, peoples unwanted goods and produce that people donate to me.

I have also found I have a gift for public speaking, I go to speak about the work of Flame. Education is very important to me. It should be available for everyone no matter how poor. I believe that every child in poor communities in Cambodia deserves a bright future, I want them to know that I believe in them. I have a passion for the people of Cambodia but especially it’s young people.

Our family has chosen to live simply, simply so others can live.