It's not just what we do but who does it

Many Flame initiatives are started by the young adults who have seen a need & decided to step in to address it.

We believe those who have been through that situation, having experienced & lived it are the best people to bring solutions.

What we do

Our social work team go out into poor communities to visit children who need to go to school, often these children go out collecting rubbish to sell to support their families. We assess the needs of the family based on our criteria and we sponsor the children to go to school. Our case workers develop a relationship with the family and we do whatever it takes to assist the family to grow and the children to thrive at school. Once the children finish secondary school we offer places at our Leadership Academy Homes which help them study, grow in confidence and give back to their communities. Once their studies are completed the young adults leave the homes equipped to become some of Cambodia's future leaders in the areas of health, medicine, social welfare, the arts, law, marketing and many more.

Our Academy Students give back to the community through starting and manning projects like Mobile Medical, which provides free health care in at risk communities; providing water filters, for free drinking water in poor communities and helping at the Activity Centers where they teach what they have learned to younger students. We also have a Book Tuk Tuk that provides a mobile library into poor communities where there are usually no books at all. 

We do whatever it takes.



School in Cambodia is usually half a day so Flame provides activity centers where the children can continue their learning. Classes are given in Maths, English, Computer, Khmer as well as the creative arts. This helps the children excel at school ... read more


The Book Tuk Tuk is a mobile library sponsored by St Pauls Collegiate in New Zealand. In slums most homes have no books or any access to books so the children are read to... read more


Flame has 5 Football teams, with 60+ participants who compete in a local competition ... read more

Children & Families

Family Support

Many children from poor communities support their families by working all day collecting rubbish to sell or babysitting younger siblings while their parents work. Flame provides the equivalent of the child's daily earnings, around $1 per day, so the children are able to attend school ... read more

LEADERSHIP & Mentoring


Many of our students have little or no home support and come from broken backgrounds. In the homes they encourage each other, learn leadership and practical ways to serve ... read more


Flame provides mentoring for leaders within Flame and national leaders of organisations outside of Flame. read more

Medical & Health

Mobile Medical

Taking basic medical care to families living in at risk communities ... read more

Water Filters

Rithy who started the Mobile Medical service came up with this initiative to provide free clean water in at risk communities... read more