You turned around Sopha's life

Sopha is a hardworking boy of 16, packing nails into boxes in a factory each weekend, where he worked full time, from 8-12pm then 1-5pm, earning himself $1 per day. Real story. Before you started helping him, in addition to the factory work, he was picking and selling flowers to pay his way through school. He would wake at 4am and pick flowers on the side of the road and sell them, making a pitiful 50-75 cents. Because he was up so early each day, he struggled to stay awake in the stuffy classroom and wasn’t doing well in school.

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Sopha’s mum works as a cleaner, but after paying the rent and getting food, her payslip just couldn’t cover the extra few dollars to keep Sopha in school. Now you are supporting Sopha’s studies, he attends classes at the Flame Activity Centre. He no longer needs to wake up hours before dawn, he has time to work on his homework assignments on the weekend, and concentrates on his studies. He is so happy that he has this new freedom that allows him to do well at school. He is no longer exhausted and is able to stay awake in class and maximize his learning years. You have made it possible for him to take extra classes and he loves it. He devours everything and is so willing to learn! He and his mother and siblings want to express their thanks for making this life change possible.