Why Flame is Investing in Education in Cambodia

A recent UN report reported that Cambodia will see a growth in the working age population from now until 2030. These people will need jobs, and without education and training many will fall along the wayside, adding to the numbers of urban poor. 

In an article in the Phnom Penh Post Tasneem Mirza, an economist and one of the authors of the report, states "The time to act is now, the government has to have a strategy. They have to ensure more jobs.”

Miguel Chanco, lead ASEAN analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit, said that education would be key, and that “the government should redirect more of its resources to this vital area, while simultaneously clamping down on corruption in schools”.

“Without an effective education system, the country’s skills gap will remain large and the economy will struggle to move up the value chain,” he added.

However, Cambodia is still among the countries making the least investment in education, the UN report found – although increases to the education budget have been seen in recent years.

This is where NGO's like Flame step in, providing complimentary education and training and support for students. Flame also provides opportunities for vocational training - we endeavour to make sure that our students have jobs to go to. Jobs that will help the future prosperity of Cambodia as a nation.