Flame's impact on the young adults

These are quotes from some of our young leaders about life before Flame:-


"After [my father] died we only had my Mum  -we had no one to help us find food.  We all stopped studying and climbed palm trees to get the juice to sell. The rest of my family decided that I should go to school and they all went to Phnom Penh to find work. I stayed alone in Kampong Cham. I was only 6 years old. My parents died because there was no medical care, now I'm working on the Flame Mobile Medical Clinic once a week, giving free medical care to people living in the slums."


"I don’t ever remember my mother being nice to me. I desperately wanted to hear her say something nice to me but I never did. She loved my younger brother, but not me and I don’t know why. She would beat me and hit me and I never knew why she hit me. Now I am teaching little kids about photography in the exact slum where I grew up and I love it!"


This is why we love the work of Flame - we are giving these young people opportunities to study at university, to work towards a future they never dreamed possible. Please consider giving to Flame and be part of the story.