Makara Graduates from Flame

Makara has been with Flame since 2015, and is now ready to leave the Flame Leadership Academy and be launched into a new phase in her life. She started her Biology degree at the Royal University of Phnom Penh but had to drop out when her sister became terribly unwell and needed her alongside to help with her care. As orphans, these family relationships are very important. Makara has been volunteering at the Flame Activity Centre in Sensok and has enjoyed her time teaching younger slum living kids.

Makara has recently been accepted into an elite cooking school here in Phnom Penh run by Pierre Tami, a Swiss entrepreneur. The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia offered Makara a full scholarship, and she will be attending the course for two years, with six months of the course in house, and six months in a placement. 

She is super excited already about what she has been learning, and will be able to live off site with her younger sister and younger brother. We celebrate families and are so happy that she will be able to be with her siblings. We wish her all the best in this new adventure!! 


Makara the up n coming chef!  

Graduation Celebration

Deth is one of our youngest at the Flame Guy's Leadership Academy. He is 20, and last week graduated from high school!! This was a huge achievement, and we were all waiting with baited breath for his exam results!! The photo above is him jumping for joy :) He's a really fun guy!

He is now deciding exactly what he would like to do, what he would like to study ... and has a broad, broad horizon of hope stretching out in front of him! 

We are looking for a sponsor to walk with  Deth, please let us know if you'd like to partner with us on this exciting journey!

Young adults away together this weekend. Photo creds (selfie) by Yuhan Brang

Young adults away together this weekend. Photo creds (selfie) by Yuhan Brang