Rithy Visiting NZ

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Everyone who attended one of the Stories from the Slums events we held in New Zealand last year would have seen the video of Rithy, the young doctor who leads our Flame Mobile Medical Tuktuk. If you missed seeing the video, it’s available for viewing on Flamecambodia.org

Next month Rithy will be speaking at different locations around NZ. 


Rithy’s story is a clear demonstration of the Flame Full Circle. As a child he was orphaned and wanderered the streets. As a doctor now, he is committed to providing basic healthcare for the slum dwelling communities around Phnom Penh. He has recently been accepted into the surgical specialization program at International University here in the capital. His entire degree was funded by a kind hearted GP in NZ.

We simply cannot do what we do without your support!  Please keep an eye out for the different times and places where you can meet Rithy next month. We will be posting details on Facebook.

We need new sponsors for our emerging Flame young leaders. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to be part of the team. 

Again, thank you.


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