Flame Heroes

Thai is a mentor at the Flame guy's Leadership Academy Home and spent some time talking with me last week. When he sees the young kids in our programs, he is reminded of himself as a grubby little boy. He believes that each of these kids, with the help of our supporters, can become adults like him who are able to be agents of positive change in their communities, to become leaders who know what's right and have the wisdom and strength to act.

The previous day a young man hurtled past Thai and Hounthy (our Sensok Activity Centre Leader) who were hanging out together. Hot on the man's heels was another guy, wielding a machete. The chase was on.

Without hesitation Hounthy took off after them -he wasn't going to sit back and watch a murder. This was no game, no rehearsal: someone was going to get seriously hurt.

The moment Hounthy ran off, Thai dropped everything and joined the chase, no way would he let Hounthy face the machete man  alone.

Thai tackled the machete man from behind trapping his arms to his sides, and Hounthy grabbed the machete before any harm was done. Disaster was averted.

Were these Flame Leaders right to get involved? Hounthy's conscience would not allow him to be a passive bystander. Thai felt it was his responsibility to step in when the security guard simply watched.

How often do we know what's right but lack the courage to do what's right? 

Flame promotes courage: to 'live boldly with the knowledge that God is with us.'

Honestly, it takes courage to invest in the lives of broken kids, not knowing what decisions they will make, where they will go, but we see the fruit of that investment in Thai and Hounthy today; street kids turned heroes. 

You can invest in the lives of these kids too and become part of their story. It's easy to become a Flame partner, just click here