Economic Solutions to Economic Problems

Imagine a poor, hardworking woman, living  in the slums with her kids. The kids go to school with help from the Flame School Project. But what about mum?  

At Flame we are all about the Full Circle, individuals and families reaching their potential and beyond. In the poor slum communities, there are opportunities to do small businesses but often just slightly out of reach. 

Our Flame staff initiated  some small business loans and leg-ups, helping get some of the women in our families into small independent businesses. We currently have an artisan making cute crafts, a coffee cart and a cart selling sweet cakes made by the grandmother. We are in the process of helping one of the mums move from selling vegetables at her doorstep to getting a cart. 

These are industrious women who in the past have worked but haven't seen seen the profit. Now they are able to earn independently -their future is in their own hands. There are smart women are in the corporate business sector, and there are some pretty smart women in the slums too!

These small business start-ups were funded by a kind kiwi woman who came and saw a need, and put her money to good use. Thanks @zoevanhalem

Literally standing in her mums shadow
Literally standing in her mums shadow