We have heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon,  but maybe not the “floating gardens of Cambodia” but throughout history, Cambodians have been growing vegetables and flowers with fish in this very zen and sustainable harmonious collaboration. Small scale intense farming of organic vegetables and fish is a familiar concept to Cambodians. 


The Flame Young Adults are excited and engaged in growing organic veggies with bubbling fish in ponds right in front of the Leadership Academy. Figuring out the details of ph levels and really trying to keep the fish alive has proven quite the challenge for these keen university students. Words that come to mind are “STEEP LEARNING CURVE”! The mortality rate of the fish has been quite horrific! Nobody said it would be easy! We are super thankful for Michael Hensel and Koya Project , who have come alongside Flame to give the Young Adults the necessary training. If you click on the link you’ll see the smiling faces of Flame Young Adults on the Koya website landing page :-)

We are not the aquaponics NGO, but we are launching our Young Adults into projects where they can practically learn and grow and develop their leadership skills. The dream for aquaponics is replicating these little systems within the poorest communities of urban Phnom Penh. It’s a long way off yet! If you’d like to help support our Young Adults, please donate using the button below.