Graeme Winthrop

Living the dream of helping people in Asia
— - Graeme Winthrop
Graeme Winthrop - Executive Director

Graeme Winthrop - Executive Director

Graeme loves to serve people with excellence and help others move to the next level.  This has taken many forms, from looking after abandoned babies in China, working as an electrical engineer in NZ and managing companies in Asia. 

Graeme grew up in Auckland, obtaining a Masters in Engineering from Auckland University.  For four years Graeme worked as an Electrical Engineer before moving to China for a year where he helped look after new born babies.  On returning to NZ, Graeme worked as a consulting engineer and project manager in the high voltage industry for five years before leaving that behind to go back to China.  In China, Graeme’s project and management skills were put to good use building factories and starting companies with the goal of providing an example of how to carry out business with integrity. 

After nine years in Beijing, Graeme relocated to Laos then Vietnam, helping lead a social enterprise that helped ex-trafficked women integrate into society.  On returning to NZ to help his eldest children settle into NZ, Graeme went back into the high voltage industry working as a project manager and program manager for a further 4.5 years. 

Now Graeme is fully pursuing his passion of serving people by working with Flame.

Sue Hanna

What makes my day is one person becoming more than they thought they could be
— Sue Hanna
Sue Hanna - Founder and Leadership & Mentoring Manager  

Sue Hanna - Founder and Leadership & Mentoring Manager


Sue’s passion has always been to come alongside the poor and disadvantaged, who have been written off by their own communities. The commitment and ability she shows, bringing a message that inspires and calls people to action is formidable. Sue is a down-to-earth, gutsy woman who has done the hard yards with various organisations for over 25 years in leadership and ministry roles.

Currently Sue is facilitating foundational leadership training to young adults and is mentoring a number of local leaders. By providing oversight and insight, Sue coaches, inspires and motivates them to lead their teams well and fulfil what God has called them to do. She also leads two homes for young adults. These homes provide a structured environment for intentional leadership training and mentoring within community. Each individual is strongly encouraged to grow in their faith and serve, discovering and fanning into flame the gift God has placed within them. New Zealand will always be her home base, but Cambodia is where her heart is. Sue’s determination is clear. She walks the talk.


Nicola Winthrop

Nicola Winthrop - Mobile Medical and Communications Manager

Life is about making friends
— - Nicola Winthrop

As a young teen, Nicola witnessed the effects of poverty and greed first hand on the streets of Thailand, and has had a passion for the empowerment of women ever since. Nicola has spent the majority of her adult life living and working in a number of different countries around Asia.

She has developed an initiative to up-skill and train illiterate migrant women, has lead training in the area of family and parenting, and has recently worked with a local New Zealand team among prostitutes. She has a background in English literature and Chinese language and literature but re-trained to become a Personal Trainer. Working with women in strength and fitness through exercise, creates community and confidence through connection.

Nicola is married to Graeme, and they have three daughters and two sons. Nicola enjoys unarmed combat and has completed a marathon and a number of half marathons.

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