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Cambodia currently ranks as 133 most corrupt out of 149 counties by the World Audit report

Global Slavery Index reports 1.0292% of the population in slavery

Transparency is a global coalition against corruption, a tidy summary of corruption in Cambodia. Read here

The UNDP have a great overview of Cambodia, including some basic stats around health, wealth, poverty and challenges. It’s a fairly quick but dense read.

Wikipedia has a good overview of Cambodia, with a huge detailed portion on the history. The article is full, covering general information about the geography, population, and current socioeconomic situation. This is good if you have a lot of time! read here

The UNDP Website for Cambodia also has many publications you can read for more information.

Article about the need for investment in education in Cambodia, Phnom Penh Post 27 April 2016

Slums in Cambodia Report 2002