Graeme Winthrop - Executive Director

Living the Dream of helping people in Asia

Graeme loves to serve people with excellence and help others move to the next level.  This has taken many forms, from looking after abandoned babies in China, working as an electrical engineer in NZ and managing companies in Asia. 

Graeme grew up in Auckland, obtaining a Masters in Engineering from Auckland University.  For four years Graeme worked as an Electrical Engineer before moving to China for a year where he helped look after new born babies.  On returning to NZ, Graeme worked as a consulting engineer and project manager in the high voltage industry for five years before leaving that behind to go back to China.  In China, Graeme’s project and management skills were put to good use building factories and starting companies with the goal of providing an example of how to carry out business with integrity. 

After nine years in Beijing, Graeme relocated to Laos then Vietnam, helping lead a social enterprise that helped ex-trafficked women integrate into society.  On returning to NZ to help his eldest children settle into NZ, Graeme went back into the high voltage industry working as a project manager and program manager for a further 4.5 years. 

Now Graeme is fully pursuing his passion of serving people by working with Flame.